Student T’s & C’s

Terms & Conditions 


Contracts will commence from the available start date stated on the housing list available from our office and and all rents are payable from that date. If students wish to start the tenancy later they should not view properties until later. No accommodation will be held without the appropriate Non-refundable Administration Fee, Non-refundable Holding Deposit or Non-refundable Good Faith Fee being paid. PLEASE READ and be certain you understand the Clauses below before you proceed. If in any doubt please speak to our office staff.

  1. A Non-Refundable Administration Fee is payable upon booking a property. At this point all tenants must provide proof of their “Right to Rent”, e.g. Passport and Visa (where appropriate), University ID card and Driving Licence. This is a legal requirement. The property cannot be booked without immediate compliance.
  1. A Non-Refundable Holding Deposit is payable (where applicable) within 30 days of booking a property. Please note that in the event that the proposed tenancy is not taken up by the applicants this payment is forfeited. However upon the successful commencement of the tenancy the Non-refundable Holding Deposit becomes a Refundable Security Deposit and will be returned at the end of the tenancy subject to the terms as set out in the tenancy agreement. The Refundable Security Deposit will be registered and insured with from the date of the start of the tenancy
  1. A Non-Refundable Good Faith Fee equal to one month’s rent per person is payable (where applicable) within 30 days of booking a property. This Good Faith Fee is non-refundable in the event that the proposed tenancy is not taken up by the applicants and the Fee WILL NOT be returned. However, this Good Faith Fee will be converted into the first month’s rent upon successful commencement of the tenancy. .
  1. Contracts are Fixed Term, i.e. from the agreed start date until the agreed end date. Students are committed to the Fixed Term and can only be released from the contract if they can find a suitable student replacement tenant and a Deed of Assignment is signed.
  1. Single Tenancy Agreements (Sole or Multiple Occupancy) – No keys will be issued until all fully signed contracts are returned to UPM.
  1. Joint Tenancy Agreements (Multiple Occupancy) – Students and their guarantor (“surety”) must be aware that the liability is joint and several. Any student, or students, can take up the tenancy having signed the Agreement. However, those students and their respective guarantors shall remain collectively liable for the whole rent of the property until all remaining tenants have signed.
  1. Guarantors – Parents or guardians are asked to act as guarantor for student tenants. We will not house any student whose parents or guardian will not act as Guarantor to guarantee their rent unless the rent is paid in advance for the duration of the tenancy. It is the tenant’s responsibility to inform their Guarantor of their liabilities before booking a property. Any amendments made will be charged accordingly. Referencing of Guarantors will be carried out by Rent4Sure.
  1. Amendments – In the event that the tenancy agreement needs to be amended due to the tenant not giving the correct information at the point of reserving the property a penalty charge of £30 inc. VAT will be incurred.
  1. Overseas students – Depending on circumstances, tenants may be required to pay in advance the full rent for the duration of the tenancy.
  1. Late Rent – In the event of rent being received after the due date, without prior authorisation by your UPM property manager, an administration charge of £30.00 inc VAT will be charged. Interest may also be charged at 5.2% per month. “Bounced” standing orders or cheques will also incur a charge of £30.00 inc. VAT.
  1. Utility Accounts – Unless explicitly included in the rent, as per the Tenancy Agreement, tenants must register with all utility/service accounts (e.g. Gas, Electric, Southern Water, Portsmouth Water etc.). Contact numbers for the utility service providers are available at UPM or alternatively we can register for you however there is a charge of £30.00 inc VAT per utility. An option to include utilities in the rent may be available for certain properties. Please check with UPM.
  1. Proof of payment of all service accounts for the duration of the tenancy, and final meter readings must be submitted to UPM. (e.g. Gas, Electric, Southern Water, Portsmouth Water). Failure to submit proof of settlement of accounts and UPM having to contact and deal with any utilities at the end of the tenancy will result in a charge of £30.00 inc VAT per utility account and will be apportioned between the tenants.
  1. Council Tax – On receipt of all students’ “HEMIS” numbers (University ID number), UPM will endeavour to register full-time students with Portsmouth City Council Local Taxation Section for “Student Exemption”. It nevertheless remains the tenants’ liability and responsibility to ensure that they are registered and exempt from tax. Part-time students (or in the event a student drops out or ceases to be a full-time university student) will cause the property to lose the Council Tax “Student Exemption” status. In such case the tenant(s) become liable for the Council Tax liability incurred including the period after their vacation until the property is re-let for the next academic year.
  1. Keys – At the end of the tenancy, all keys must be returned to UPM on or before the last day of the tenancy. Failure to do this will result in lock changes and the costs being charged to tenants plus any additional rent incurred for the time that keys are withheld.